Useful NBA 2K21 Shooting Tips

NBA 2K21 has made some pretty big changes to how shooting works, meaning even some seasoned fans might be throwing up air balls. Want to learn how to get greens and be a lights out shooter in NBA 2K21? In this guide, we'll show you some useful NBA 2K21 shooting tips so you can have more makes than misses. We'll also show you a few in-game settings you can tweak to make shooting simpler across the board.

NBA 2K21 Shooting tips

NBA 2K21 General Shooting Tips

We share a few tips about how shooting works in the game. They are:

1). Tap the left trigger at the ideal release time for a boost.

2). If you're using the Shot Button, turn off Shot Meter for a boost.

3). Green release is harder this year, be patient.

4). OR turn off Shot Aiming if you want Shot Timing on Pro Stick like last year.

NBA 2K21 Pro Stick Shooting Tips

If you're keen on using the Pro Stick aiming options – which are turned on by default – then you'll need to practice and get used to the way this mechanic handles. Learning how the system plays out and responds to your inputs is vital. Here are some tips for getting greens using the Pro Stick Aiming option:

Pro Stick

1). Pull the Right Stick down: the meter starts close to the center, not to the left or right, so correct for that.

2). Once pulled back, nudge the Right Stick left or right a little to correct your angle. Try to make your hands as steady as possible.

3). You don't need to manually shoot – focus on your aim and keeping your hands steady and the player works out the rest automatically.

4). You get it right you get a bigger boost if you time your shot correctly with the trigger.

How to make shooting easier in NBA 2K21?

If you find this aiming and timing method too challenging, here are some tips that may make shooting easier:

1). Choose the right MyPLAYER build. Deciding on the best shooting MyPLAYER build to get greens is the first thing to figure out and will be a big factor in the success rate of getting buckets. Here's how to narrow it down:

    • Use our custom, redesigned NBA 2K21 MyPLAYER Builder to find the right shooting build to create. Compare builds, badges, animations, and much more. 

    • Choose a build that has shooting as a primary skill so your build can be eligible for HOF badges. 

   • Choose a build with a substantial amount of Shooting badges. Anything over 20 Badge Upgrades is considered good to great. 

   • Builds should match your playstyle as a shooter.

2). Earn & know your Hot Spots / Hot Zones. Hot Zones matter a great deal for all shooting methods in NBA 2K21. Even when aiming or timing is off, shooting from the blue areas of the court can still get your player an easy bucket. It may help to go into 2KU with some of your team's top athletes just to see where their Hot Zones are.

Shooting badges

3). Choose the Right Shooting badges & maximize badge. If you're in MyCareer, upgrading your baller's shooting Badges will also make them shoot better regardless of their stats.

4). Find & equip the best Jump Shot for your MyPLAYER. Use the in-game Jump Shot Creator to create your own shot.

5). You don't necessarily have to use the right stick to shoot. It's still possible to shoot with square (PS4) or X (Xbox). This changes the shot meter into something that may feel a little more familiar. To get the advantage of a boost, turn off the shot meter.

6). You can also go into control options and disable shot aiming altogether. This makes your Pro Stick function a bit closer to its NBA 2K20 state. Some timing and specific shots will still feel a bit different, but this is about as close as it gets to actually reverting the changes.

7). If you really want to make NBA 2K feel closer to arcade street ball, you can also disable shot timing in favor of a player's real-time percentage. This is the simplest shooting method and should only be used by those who truly hate sim basketball.

8). Practice Practice Practice. We talkin' about practice! Take advantage of MyCOURT, 2KU, or Pro-Am Arena shootaround to work on new jump shots, work out the kinks in your shot, finding the sweet spot of when to release the ball, etc.

9). Get your shot IQ up / take good shots. Here are some tips to improve your Shot IQ:

    • Don't settle for bad shots. Having patience, while also recognizing opportunity, is key. The shot clock gives you 24 seconds, so utilize it to the fullest. When you take a bad shot – it's basically a free gift to the defense and let's your opponent off the hook. Always strive to get good looks of the basket where the defender isn't close enough to heavily contest the shot. 

    • Make sure Shot Feedback is on (under Controller Settings).

10). Movement, positioning, spacing. Your objectives as a shooter are many, whether the ball is in your hands or if you're playing off-ball. Spacing the floor, movement and positioning, timing, and chemistry all factor into getting good looks to maximize shot success.

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